Hello and welcome to my website

Thank you very much for showing interest in my undertakings and I invite you to browse through the various sections at your leisure.

As a start, I was born in Adelaide, South Australia, later graduated with my music degrees at the Elder Conservatorium, University of Adelaide and shortly afterwards moved to Switzerland.

Years later, in 2009, I unexpectedly began composing, writing song texts and poetry and thanks to many supportive colleagues have since been able to have my works performed, recorded, produced, published and distributed.

A collection of works can also be found online, via CD, sheet music or on YouTube with SusannahSnow’s Channel.

Hoping you enjoy my music,

Susannah Snow

May News in 2020

Before the times of “Corona” I began the following projects:

I am most honoured and in deepest gratitude that “To be an Artist”, a 40′ CD of Art songs sung by Carmela Konrad, soprano together with myself at the piano has now been newly released and as of the reopening of museums in Switzerland on the 11th of May can be found at The Rosengart Collection Museum, Lucerne and online at Musik Hug, Zurich. This CD has evolved over a period of about 8 years and has been inspired by art and artists including the Swiss artist Paul Klee, further Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Joan Miró and Georges Braque. I am further honoured and most grateful to have been able to include pictures in the 12 page CD booklet which have been kindly permitted by The Rosengart Collection Museum, Lucerne. 

In the next weeks the sheet music of all songs on “To be an Artist” will also be available including
“The Four Leaf Clover” and “To be an Artist” dedicated to Dr. Angela Rosengart
“The Art Gallery” dedicated to Dr. Martina Kral and
“A School of Fish” dedicated to my parents.

Further, I am very happy that a CD project for soprano and piano which has spanned over the period of 10 years has finally taken flight with 22 songs about birds, flowers and The Angel of Peace: “feathers and flowers”. I am again in immense gratitude to the soprano Carmela Konrad with her moving and sparkling interpretation, a team of expert sound engineers, graphic artists, photographers and my publisher and distributor emanomusic / emanomedia. “feathers and flowers” is now available online at Musik Hug Zurich, Musik Center Sursee and other outlets. 

And I am so very grateful to all who help my music and texts reach others! A large part of the sales will continuously be donated to those in need – especially charity projects for children.

In March I began teaching the piano online from my home studio and will also be continuing this option after the summer.

I hope you will join me and be amongst our “online congregation” attending Mass which are live-streamed daily from the Church of St. Peter and Paul, Zurich. I am happy and grateful to have been rostered every Friday morning in May and also on Pentecost Sunday at 17.30. I also treasure having been able to perform my new „Corona“ song, „The Crown“ Op. 97 at the end of the service at the grand piano on the 1st of May which I had written on Good Friday .

Please join me on Friday, the 15th of May with an arrangement of “Ave von Fatima” and with more new songs on the 22nd of May, “Gebet zur Geistlichen Kommunion” Op. 98 – Author of the original prayer in English ©2020 – Professor Dr. Teresa Berger, Yale Divinity School & Yale Institute of Sacred Music, Yale University and on Friday, 29th of May “Ave Maria” Op. 99.

Wishing you the very best of health and blessed days in the Marian Month of May,

Susannah Snow