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please find the following CDs and sheet music at various outlets 

 Musik Hug Zürich 

or other online platforms e.g. Spotify and Apple Music

1/ The Angel of Peace Sheet Music
2/ Twin Tents CD 
3/ To be an Artist CD 
4/ feathers and flowers CD 
5/ Passion Sheet Music Passion-Pno-Musik Hug 
6/ Passion CD 
7/ To the Stars Sheet Music To the Stars-Pno-Musik Hug
8/ To the Stars CD Musik Hug
And I am most honoured and thank you very much for your interest if you would like to visit 
The Rosengart Collection Museum, Lucerne
where the CDs “Twin Tents” and “To be an Artist” can be found in the Museum Shop
personally signed by Angela Rosengart, Martina Kral, Carmela Konrad and Susannah Snow