31.03.12 The Four-Leaf Clover – inspired by Paul Klee’s X=chen ( Little X ) in The Rosengart Collection Museum, Lucerne

3.03.15 To Live in Glory – inspired by art

5.03.15,1 To be an Artist – inspired by artists represented in The Rosengart Collection Museum, Lucerne

5.03.15,2 The Art Gallery – inspired by art in The Rosengart Collection Museum, Lucerne

Inspired by Paul Klee’s “Fischbild”, 1925 ( Fish painting ) in The Rosengart Collection Museum, Lucerne:

“A School of Fish”

28.5.15,1 I Creation 

28.5.15,2 II Celadon Seas 

26.5.15 III Queen of Heaven 

28.5.15,3 IV My Four Kingfish! 

8.3.17 A visit –  inspired and written whilst listening to a children’s art tour by Dr. Martina Kral in The Rosengart Collection Museum, Lucerne 

Inspired by Paul Klee’s “Doppelzelt”, 1923 114 ( Double Tent ) in The Rosengart Collection Museum, Lucerne and written in the summer of 2017:

“Twin Tents”

I Two Teepees 

II All is Number 

III The World of Colour

IV The Tomb of Tutankhamun

V Interstellar Nibs

VI Times of Stars and Wonders

3.9.17 Let us live together – inspired after having attended an art exhibition in Zürich

16.9.17 My paintings – inspired after viewing a private art collection

“Smiles of children” – a poem inspired by the heartfelt drawing of Leana Dahinden

“The Mirage” – a poem inspired by the fantasy-filled “Yellow Bear” painting of Carmela Konrad

“Birthday kiss” – a poem inspired by the joyous painting of Carmela Konrad